Hair Forte

Stimulating Effect of Hair Forte on Hair Follice :

In scientific studies carried out it is seen that 2% procapil has an effect equivalent to 3% minoxidil. While procapil stimulates hair follice in the area it is applied like minoxidil, it does not cause the side effects minoxidil generates in the body.

Effect on Di Hidro Testosterone (DHT) :

As is known, the hormone which causes hair loss by damaging hair follice is DHT. Hair Forte prevents the formation of DHT by inhibiting saw palmetto and apigenin 5-Alpha reductase enzyme within. Apigenin also prevents damaging effect of DHT on follice by separating kollegen in the follice.

Effect on Nutrition of Hair Follice :

1% biotin (Vitamin B7 – Vitamin H) in Hair Forte formula increases hair quality and growth speed up to 30% and enables more growth by extending anagen.

Effect on Hairy Skin :

Other herbal components in its ingredients protects hairy skin from external factors such as ionisan radiation, ultraviolet light and environmental pollution, it balances the hairy skin to get greasy.


Does Hair Forte prevents hair loss or just ensures quality increase like Minoxidil?
Hair Forte prevents hair loss reasons with other active components while it stimulates hair follice like minoxidil by the influence of procapil in its ingredients.

Is it appropriate for me to use Hair Forte once a day?
It is suggested to use twice a day. If you use it once response can delay.

When do I see the effect of Hair Forte?
It depends on the individual but you can see hair loss stops and fledging begins in 4 to 10 weeks.

Can I get a better result if I use Minoxidil in the morning and Hair Forte in the evening?
You can get a more effective result if you use Hair Forte 2 dose.

Do I have to stop using Finasterid while I use Hair Forte?
Since Hair Forte prevents the formation and effect of DHT you may stop using Finasterid.

Can I stop using Hair Forte after hair loss stops?
It is suggested to use it even if by decreasing the dose since the reason for the loss will continue.

Does it help hair growth from a burnt area?
Since the follices in there is dead it does not help.

Does Hair Forte treats eyebrow loss?
There is not enough study in this field but it may stop losing by stimulating the follice.

There are losses in my temples. Can Hair Forte regrow them?
This type of products have less effect on temples but if it is not too late after the loss you may get an answer.

I am goitrous and I have been told that’s why I lost my hair. Does Hair Forte have any effect on this?
First, you need to organize your hormone balance that is based on your goiter. After that, Hair Forte will resolve your hair loss.

I have had hair transplantation. Can I use Hair Forte? Is it any help?
If you use Hair Forte after transplantation it helps transplanted hair to grow better, temporary loss called as ‘shocking loss’ to be less, hair to grow earlier and more quality after shock loss. It also increases the response you will get after the transplantation by increasing the quality of fledging hair if there is any in the transplantation area. You need to start using Hair Forte after the first bath for this.

Does it affect ringworm?
Ringworm is a disease that the reason for it is unknown. You can find only by trying from which product you will get an answer. You can also use Hair Forte.

Does it make hair grow from surgery scar?
No. Since there are no follices in that area it does not make hair grow.

Will there be any increase in body hair?
Active components used in Hair Forte are only effective in the areas they are applied.

When is the right time for beginning to use Hair Forte?
It can be used after age 17 when male type hair loss begins.

Can I take a bath after I use Hair Forte?
Hair Forte shows maximum effect throughout 1 hour after it is applied and this effect continues by diminishing up to 4 hours. Preferentially, you must apply it 1 to 4 hours before taking a bath.

What should I expect from Hair Forte?
You can expect stop in hair loss, an increase in hair quality and 92% satisfactory result.